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Common Simple Emergencies began as as a series of lectures by Dr Buttaravoli for fourth-year medical students at Georgetown University in 1977. Dr Stair helped develop it into a manual, first published in 1985, that has been used by resident physicians, urgent care nurses, paramedics, physician assistants and medical officers at sea.
Dr Buttaravoli is medical director of emergency services at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. He was one of the first physicians to complete residency training in emergency medicine, at the University of Cincinnati. He has received the Tom Kimmett award from Georgetown University for excellence in teaching emergency medicine.
Dr Stair is professor of emergency medicine at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. After completing residency training in emergency medicine at Georgetown University, he stayed as residency director, assistant dean for continuing medical education, and chair. He has received the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association award for teaching.
Longwood Information LLC publishes newsletters, directories, manuals and electronic references. Dr Stair is part owner. Longwood supplies Common Simple Emergencies as a ring-bound manual and as HTML files for LANs and intranets.
What readers have said about Common Simple Emergencies:
  • "It is a wonderful resource." - Ron Sand, Family Practitioner, Redding CA
  • "I find it very useful to look up problems, especially before I discuss such problems with my family practice resident." - Brian O'Mahony, General Practitioner, Ireland
  • "I read the first edition just prior to my first emergency medicine rotation and the attendings were amazed at the clinical judgement shown by this neophyte...It is a wonderful, "down and dirty" resource and I am thrilled that you have released a second edition. Thanks for providing such a useful reference." - Darryll W Barksdale DO
  • "It would impair patients' confidence in their physician if he or she were not able to handle these emergencies with speed and expertise" - Frank J Hardi MD
  • "Common simple emergencies...are currently almost entirely neglected in the curriculum of most medical schools, and even most emergency medicine residencies. The quality and value of this book are excellent, and the presentation, both in content and visually, is clear and effective. Most interesting and useful is the format of presenting entities by way of presentation, what to do and what not to do... It is a highly useful, focused, well organized, clearly written and cost-effective attempt to present a cohesive approach to the myriad of small, non-life-threatening presentations in the emergency department that are, after all, the "bread and butter" of our practice. This book is a must buy for all residents in training, and even experienced emergency physicians should not feel embarrassed to ... consult this text." - J Douglas White MD, American Journal of Emergency Medicine
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