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  • This is the bottom quarter of the editor page.
  • Who's working today?
    • A link to put on your home page or your browser that will take you directly to a list of who is working today at your institution.
    • One click away from knowing who will be relieving you!!
  • Change editor options from this location.

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Cool Feature!
Want to put a link on your ED home page that takes you directly to a page saying who is working today?
Put one of the following URLs on your home page!
Highest security (least convenient)
Medium security (recommended)
No security (recommended only for bookmarks or behind firewalls)
Below you can change or update data on your institution
Update the administrator's email:
Enter the password which will allow anyone with the password to login for schedule viewing:
Enter an administrator's password which will allow schedule editing:

Enter the your department's daily set of shifts, one shift per line
For example: